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Despite the fact that the romantic literature industry is in full swing and that more and more authors are embarking on the adventure of writing, romance covers designers still struggle to reach their target audience, the market being saturated by all other literary genres.

Look no further, here comes The Romance Cover Market!

A one-stop marketplace where romance authors, all-size publishers and professional designers get along to share the love of romance illustration!

Browse. Buy. Publish. That simple!


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The Romance Cover Market?

Good news for the Romance Genre World! Let’s start the #RomanceCoverRevolution!


We are working on The Romance Cover Market with two goals in mind: creating a one-stop marketplace where authors, publishers and cover designers will be reunited to change the face of the Romance World, and help everyone, resources providers included, to thrive!


Wondering what’s in it for you? 

  • Hundreds of authors and publishers from around the world, interested in buying your romance premades!
  • Highest commission value on the market: 80%* of your total sales in your pockets, paid every week!
  • Easy workflow with simple frontend dashboard: no WordPress knowledge needed!
  • Solid and experienced marketing team to guarantee maximal visibility on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, to skyrocket your sales!
  • 72 hours turnaround to answer and complete a customer order!
  • Gifts from partners and highlights on social media on your birthday week when subscribed to our newsletter (see in the footer menu)!

*Opening promotional commission rate of 80% for vendor who register before February 29th, 2020. Starting March 1st, 2020, new registering vendors will receive 75% commission rates.

What are the TRCM’s guidelines?

We all have in mind these dreadful covers in style or quality on which authors have used to publish their books. To ensure it never appears on TRCM and offers the best of the industry to the authors and publishers; here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind when ready to submit your premades to review:

  • PRICING |  The price is yours to choose, as long as it is above the US$59 mark. Be wise in the given price and true to your time and experience. For instance, a book cover created from a single stock photo can not be displayed at the same price as a very complex photo manipulation.
  • QUALITY |  We do not claim to have the ultimate knowledge of what art is, but we do know what is considered a high-quality book cover. Designs that do not meet quality criteria worth selling will not be accepted.
  • COPYRIGHTS | Be sure to submit original designs and own the appropriate licenses for the stock photos (no free-use providers!) and fonts (no personal use fonts!) used in order to create your premades.


Before you registrer and start selling, we suggest you take a look at the Vendor’s Step-by-Step Guide in which you’ll find the detailed process to create your shop and upload your products.

Ready? Go to the Vendor Registration now!

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