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Each pre-made covers will be sold only once and will be customized with your author’s name, your book’s title and series’ name (if any) and/or tagline.

The price includes:
– customization with your info as detailed above
– the jpeg version of the cover in 2 sizes:
     – one to be uploaded to the vendor’s site (Amazon, Nook, Apple, etc.),
    – one bigger, which can be uploaded to the vendor’s site or kept for future uses (like to create a printable cover),
– a small, 3d version of the book for display/promotional purposes.
– our host The Romance Cover Market’s fees.


You can buy your cover now and have it customized later, when you’ll have decided the title and series’ name.  The cover art won’t be delivered without text. If you haven’t decided the text yet, you’ll receive as a reminder the copy with the dummy text. As soon as you’ll be ready with the title/series’ name/pen name, I’ll deliver the cover updated in the due format/sizes. Please, allow some 48 hours for the delivery.


For any of my pre-made cover I can create other covers for the same series, maintaining the brand, the general look, the same model, etc. A discount applies for purchase of 3 or more covers of the same series.


The image license allows the use up to 500,000 copies. It is your responsibility to inform me of the need of extending such license and I will point you where to buy the relating extended licence(s). The Standard License under which the images are bought, allows you to create whatever digital promotional items you needs with the artwork I provided. As for physical products, you are allowed to create promotional items as business cards, information leaflets, and flyers but the creation of some items needs the Extended License (


With the purchase of this cover you agree to put a credit in one of the first few pages of your book so that the credit is visible when a person click on the “Look inside”, adding “Cover Design by” or if you don’t want a working link, adding “Cover Design by”.


For any information, please, visit my website


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